Acupuncture Arts & Therapy with Andrea J. Booth

My Personal Approach For Your Alternative Medical Needs

Everybody responds to acupuncture differently. I treat my patients like partners. I schedule plenty of time in each session to jointly discover and uncover the mysteries in your own health and wellness.

Together, we will try to bring to light the cause of your concerns, reducing pain, bringing a sense of peacefulness to your body. Other medical practices may view acupuncture as a unique piece of a lost art, but Eastern medicine and the practice of acupuncture allow us a greater picture to your symptoms and concerns, exploring some more natural remedies.

As with your Western medical team, I will listen to you and together we will discover solutions, giving you other natural options to healing yourself. I am constantly searching for the latest techniques to give my patients the cutting-edge treatments and information available in the world of acupuncture and letting the bodies do more of a natural healing. You will be able to manage your pain on your own terms.

I truly believe that everyone should be able to manage their own pain while limiting medicinal treatment and to be able to enjoy life to their fullest.

Call me today for your first steps into that management position of your life.